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About us

Erica is a qualified nurse
Authorised Power Plate Trainer
Fitness Consultant


Founded on 5th December 2006, Slim Within was set up by qualified Nurse Erica Montgomery with over 20 years’ experience and several years experience as a Fitness Consultant.

Being a mum herself, holding down a full time job and running the house, she knows how easy it is to neglect time for you. You need to be taught how to lead a healthy lifestyle and make it a habit! Having gained an extra three stone due to ill health four years ago and experiencing the problems of yo-yo dieting, as a qualified consultant Erica can offer you the knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm to help you achieve your healthy shape. We offer ongoing support and help as long as is necessary.

We are the only approved and approved centre for Power Plate in Coleraine. To learn more about Powerplate visit


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