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Customer quotes

Having taught nutrition and eating a healthy balanced diet. I realised I needed to incorporate some form of exercise into my lifestyle. I have been attending Power plate sessions 3 times a week since February. I find the 15 minute sessions easy to incorporate into my busy schedule. I like the privacy of one-to-one consultations / training sessions. By adding at least 2 ten minute walks into my daily routine I can increase my metabolism, to further assist with weight loss. My friends and family have really noticed a difference in how I look and my energy levels. Thankyou Erica!
Mrs Jacqueline Barr B Ed. Hons

The combination of methods used by Slim Within has resulted in my being a slimmer, healthier and fitter person. I especially love the Power Plate; I now know why Madonna works out on one!! It’s great to have Erica – my own Personal Trainer. I’ve lost 9inches in 6weeks.
Lorna Montgomery

I love the confidential one to one, the eating plan is inexpensive to follow and the whole family can benefit. Eating out is easy too. I have found Slim Within very successful with my body % dropping from 36% to 28% in three months! Erica really motivates me. I love my personal training sessions on the Power Plate.
Jackie Henderson

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